Summer Bloom exhibition in Seoul

The platform L museum in Seoul, South Korea, has invited Michel Heurtault to present a history of French umbrellas and parasols through a hundred emblematic pieces from his historic collection of restored parasols, accessories and archives, as well as pieces created for the cinema and unique contemporary creations.


After Europe, it is the first time that the master artisan‘s collection is presented in Asia. In parallel, two Korean artists, Kim Yonho and Jungmo Kwon, invite a poetic dialogue between the East and the West: Kim Yongho through a film showing the four seasons on the island of Jeju, and Jungmo Kwon, with his works on lighting Hanji, the traditional Korean paper.


This unprecedented exhibition will take place from 13 June to 19 September at the Platform L Contemporary Art Center.



11 Eunju-ro 133-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06053 South Korea

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm.


[Photos Platform L]