The Parasolerie Heurtault


The Parasolerie Heurtault is a unique place where materials are transformed and shaped into magnificent parasols and umbrellas. The atelier is also where the techniques and know-how that Michel Heurtault has developed over the years are transmitted and shared with future generations. In this magical place, textiles and materials are tailored, stitched, cut and altered to create incredibly complex objects. Some of the cutting tools used at the workshop are more than 200 years-old, enabling us to achieve the incomparable aspect of French haute couture. The art of Michel Heurtault’s work is in the detail of the components: the soft and solid steel of the ribs, the softness of the linen, cotton and silk, the sensuality of the woods. The umbrellas and parasols created in the Parasolerie are unique works of art.

Ordering an umbrella or a parasol

Bespoke or from our catalogue

The umbrellas that leave the atelier are made to last 20, 30 years, even a lifetime – parasols last a lifetime. At the Parasolerie Heurtault, each piece is created by hand. An umbrella or a parasol comprise of a shaft, a mechanical system, ribs, a runner, a notch and textiles. Michel Heurtault rejects planned obsolescence: each one of these components is chosen for its durability, everything is calculated to eliminate points of weakness, everything that could break has been replaced by sturdy materials, and plastic has been totally banned.


The highest standards

Recovering the original beauty of an object that has been damaged or just faded with time, while respecting the choice of materials, is done using historical techniques. The restoration of an umbrella or a parasol consists in giving it back its splendour by consolidating its components through different operations: relining or rebuilding embroidered silks, cottons and linens, reinforcing the original lace, rehabilitating or replacing handles and knobs, shafts and ribs. The Parasolerie has a very large stock of spare parts, silks, laces and trimmings from all periods of time, allowing us to restore old parasols and umbrellas to their original aspect. For smaller budgets, restorations can be made using contemporary materials, which come from the best suppliers. Michel Heurtault works with specialized artisans (gilders, enamellers, scalers, engravers, turners and sculptors) to ensure that every umbrella and parasol is restored in accordance to the highest standards.

Theatre and cinema

Performing arts

For theatre, the performing arts and the cinema, the Parasolerie creates bespoke pieces combining traditional and contemporary techniques. In close collaboration with artistic directors and costume designers, Michel Heurtault fashions umbrellas and parasols that perfectly match the style and period of their costumes. The Parasolerie is able to supply historical and contemporary pieces thanks to a large stock of materials, and works with specialized artisans so that we are able to meet your exact needs. We also take into account the fact that all accessories must be sturdy and resistant to withstand multiple representations.

Michel Heurtault

A master artist

A Master Artist who is always searching for perfection, Michel Heurtault wants to bring umbrellas and parasols back to their former glory. He is recognized today as French haute couture’s foremost creator of umbrellas and parasols, but his passion started when he was just eight-years-old, and loved to disassemble umbrellas to understand their mechanism. Today, he continues to study the pieces of his historical collection to observe the particulars of each period and learn from the different cutting and assembling techniques used throughout the ages, in order to create complex new shapes. Before founding the Parasolerie in 2008, Michel Heurtault was specialized in historical reconstructions and costumed balls for the French and international elite. In his workshop, he created costumes for the cinema and theatre, and corsets for the best haute couture houses. Today, his experience and know-how are solely focused on the Parasolerie. Michel Heurtault is not an “umbrella maker” but a creator of umbrellas and parasols. All his creations are produced in his Parisian workshop.