Ordering an umbrella or a parasol


Michel Heurtault creates bespoke umbrellas and parasols, according to his client’s desires.


The umbrellas that leave the atelier are made to last 20, 30 years, even a lifetime – parasols last a lifetime. At the Parasolerie Heurtault, each piece is created by hand. An umbrella or a parasol comprise of a shaft, a mechanical system, ribs, a runner, a notch and textiles. Michel Heurtault rejects planned obsolescence: each one of these components is chosen for its durability, everything is calculated to eliminate points of weakness, everything that could break has been replaced by sturdy materials, and plastic has been totally banned.


All of the parasols’ steel ribs date from the sixties, and we have a significant stock. For umbrellas, ribs can date from any period between 1900 and 1970. Some of the ribs used in umbrellas come from China, but are of excellent quality. In this case, the rivets are replaced with real nails, in order to avoid planned obsolescence. When you open and close an umbrella 500 times, there is wear-and-tear, and the rivets often break. With a nail, this does not happen!


Men’s umbrellas are almost all built from a single piece of wood. Because there is no assembly required to attach the handle to the shaft, there is no risk of the handle breaking off. The woods used are all European, except for the exotic woods, which are imported by the Maison Fayet in accordance to international regulations.


All the umbrellas that are made from a single piece of wood are ended with a ferrule, or tip, which is in natural horn. This beef horn, which also comes from Europe, is extremely sturdy.


Most of the fabrics used are the same as those used in Haute Couture. The other fabrics, for instance linen, are weaved in Belgium specially for the Parasolerie Heurtault, in order to obtain a fabric that is thin and light. All of the textiles are then sent to Italy where they are waterproofed and/or UV treated.


The fabric is mounted in a way that produces a hypertension of the textile, which minimises wind pressure. The two major problems that face umbrellas built today are their fabric, which float instead of being in a state of hypertension – meaning that the wind gets caught in them as they would in the sail of a boat; and the ribs that are built in cheap and fragile materials (such as plastic or metals that are less sturdy than steel). So when the wind blows, the umbrella becomes inverted or weakened.


A Heurtault umbrella stays beautiful as it ages: it keeps its shape and sturdiness, it is an umbrella that you can count on, it will not fail you.


We ship umbrellas and parasols all around (using Fedex) the world and all payments are made through a secure online system.

Men's umbrellas

Men's umbrellas

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Women's umbrellas

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Women's parasols

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Bespoke creations

Bespoke creations

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My umbrella is so remarkable, a perfect distillation of art and science. Poetry, kind of like the Tour Eiffel itself—but my umbrella is prettier. I may be in Paris next month. And If so, I’ll stop by for another of Michel’s creations!


I received my umbrella today and even though I was thinking of it every day since we left Paris when it arrived it was even more wonderful that I remembered!!!! THE HANDLE!!! And the fabric!!! I am in love. Your generosity and kindness is too much, Your biggest fan,


Just to let you know, I already received the evening umbrella. It was delivered in excellent condition. This is indeed a beautiful evening umbrella. It exceeded my expectations. Now, I am officially a bigger fan of Michel's work. I am one happy customer, that's for sure! Thank you so much and please congratulate your whole team for a job well done!


I have received the remarkable umbrella. Just picked it up in fact. It is truly something to behold—and hold. What a wonderful combination of engineering and artifice: So chic, so elegant, yet obviously functional and durable. It should last decades, or longer—outlast me even! I’m so taken with the design, the warm, darkly veined wood grain and the matching gold hardware. I love, too, the exact sheen, weight and finish of the silk. I haven’t had occasion to use it yet—the weather’s been clear—but I’m expecting many complements when skies darken. I’m hopeful of rain in April!—or at least the threat, which will see me jauntily traveling to the office, moi parapluie in hand.


I received my parasol safely back from you on Thursday. I must thank Michel for his excellent workmanship in returning my parasol to its former glory. I am amazed how lovely it is. I also would like to thank you personaly for relaying the useful information about the history, which I intend to write down so it will always be known.


I cannot believe how fast the umbrella will arrive at such a reasonable cost! I'm so excited to see it. Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for this wonderful experience. I hope the next time I make a purchase it is in person while visiting your shop in Paris 🙂 Wishing you all the very best,


You’ll be pleased to know my umbrella arrived safely today. It is exquisite, as I knew it would be, and the attention to detail on both the exterior and interior is beautiful. I love how it is so fine and slender, yet incredibly robust. Ever so elegant and very vintage. Thank you, thank you. I will treasure it always. I will visit you when I’m next in Paris.


I have received my wonderful umbrella, thank you so much I am absolutely thrilled with it, I now feel like a proper gentleman😀, please would you thank Michael and all the team, it was a pleasure doing business with you, I'm so grateful to you all for I now own a thing of great craftsmanship and beauty and I love the colour, the handle is so tactile, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and continue to have a very successful business.


Je tenais à vous remercier de tout coeur pour le parapluie que mon mari a récupéré pour moi à votre boutique lors de son dernier passage à Paris. Il est absolument sublime, magnifique, raffiné, élégant…d’une beauté incroyable. Merci pour la qualité de votre travail le plaisir que vos parapluies nous procurent Meilleures salutations,