Commander un parapluie ou une ombrelle


Michel Heurtault fabrique des parapluies et des ombrelles sur commande et sur mesure en fonction des désirs de ses clients.


Les parapluies qui sortent de l’atelier sont faits pour durer 20, 30 ans, voire une vie entière, – les ombrelles sont pour la vie. A la Parasolerie Heurtault, chaque pièce est faite à la main. Un parapluie ou une ombrelle, c’est une canne, une mécanique, des baleines, un coulant, une noix et des textiles. Michel Heurtault refuse l’obsolescence programmée : chacune de ces composantes est choisie pour durer, tout est calculé pour éliminer les points de fragilité, tout ce qui pourrait se casser est revu avec des matériaux solides et le plastique est complètement éliminé.


Les baleines d’acier de toutes les ombrelles datent des années soixante, nous disposons d’un stock très important. Pour les parapluies, la baleines peuvent dater des années 1900 à 1970. Certaines autres baleines peuvent être de provenance chinoise mais de très belles factures. Les rivets sont alors remplacés par de vrais clous, afin de prévenir l’obsolescence programmée. Lorsqu’on ouvre et ferme un parapluie 500 fois, cela créé une usure, et les rivets des baleines sautent. Avec un clou, cela ne lâche jamais !


Les parapluies homme sont presque tous équipés de cannes en bois monoxyle, d’une seule pièce. Comme il n’y a pas de montage de poignée, il n’y a pas de risque que la poignée se casse. Les bois utilisés sont de provenance européenne, sauf pour les bois exotiques, qui sont importés par la Maison Fayet en respectant les quotas en norme.


Toutes les cannes de parapluie en bois monoxyles sont boutées en corne naturelle. Cette corne de bœuf, de provenance européenne, est extrêmement solide.


Les tissus utilisés sont pour la plupart les mêmes qu’on utilise en Haute Couture. Pour les autres tissus, le lin par exemple est tissé en Belgique exprès pour la Parasolerie Heurtault, afin d’avoir d’obtenir un tissu fin et léger. Tous les tissus sont ensuite envoyés en Italie où ils reçoivent un traitement d’imperméabilisation et/ou anti-UV.


Le tissu est monté de façon à produire une hypertension de la toile, ce qui produit une prise au vent beaucoup plus faible. Les deux problèmes majeurs des parapluies actuels sont leurs tissus, qui sont flottants et donc pas en hypertension – le vent se prend dans la toile comme dans une voile de bateau ; et les baleines construites en matériaux fragiles (plastique ou métaux moins solides que l’acier). Du coup au moindre coup de vent, le parapluie se retourne ou se fragilise.


Un parapluie Heurtault vieillit en restant beau : il garde sa forme et sa solidité, c’est un parapluie sur lequel on peut compter, il ne bouge pas.



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3/ Il ne vous reste plus qu’à choisir votre modèle et placer votre commande !

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My umbrella is so remarkable, a perfect distillation of art and science. Poetry, kind of like the Tour Eiffel itself—but my umbrella is prettier. I may be in Paris next month. And If so, I’ll stop by for another of Michel’s creations!


I received my umbrella today and even though I was thinking of it every day since we left Paris when it arrived it was even more wonderful that I remembered!!!! THE HANDLE!!! And the fabric!!! I am in love. Your generosity and kindness is too much, Your biggest fan,


Just to let you know, I already received the evening umbrella. It was delivered in excellent condition. This is indeed a beautiful evening umbrella. It exceeded my expectations. Now, I am officially a bigger fan of Michel's work. I am one happy customer, that's for sure! Thank you so much and please congratulate your whole team for a job well done!


I have received the remarkable umbrella. Just picked it up in fact. It is truly something to behold—and hold. What a wonderful combination of engineering and artifice: So chic, so elegant, yet obviously functional and durable. It should last decades, or longer—outlast me even! I’m so taken with the design, the warm, darkly veined wood grain and the matching gold hardware. I love, too, the exact sheen, weight and finish of the silk. I haven’t had occasion to use it yet—the weather’s been clear—but I’m expecting many complements when skies darken. I’m hopeful of rain in April!—or at least the threat, which will see me jauntily traveling to the office, moi parapluie in hand.


I received my parasol safely back from you on Thursday. I must thank Michel for his excellent workmanship in returning my parasol to its former glory. I am amazed how lovely it is. I also would like to thank you personaly for relaying the useful information about the history, which I intend to write down so it will always be known.


I cannot believe how fast the umbrella will arrive at such a reasonable cost! I'm so excited to see it. Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for this wonderful experience. I hope the next time I make a purchase it is in person while visiting your shop in Paris 🙂 Wishing you all the very best,


You’ll be pleased to know my umbrella arrived safely today. It is exquisite, as I knew it would be, and the attention to detail on both the exterior and interior is beautiful. I love how it is so fine and slender, yet incredibly robust. Ever so elegant and very vintage. Thank you, thank you. I will treasure it always. I will visit you when I’m next in Paris.


I have received my wonderful umbrella, thank you so much I am absolutely thrilled with it, I now feel like a proper gentleman😀, please would you thank Michael and all the team, it was a pleasure doing business with you, I'm so grateful to you all for I now own a thing of great craftsmanship and beauty and I love the colour, the handle is so tactile, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and continue to have a very successful business.


Je tenais à vous remercier de tout coeur pour le parapluie que mon mari a récupéré pour moi à votre boutique lors de son dernier passage à Paris. Il est absolument sublime, magnifique, raffiné, élégant…d’une beauté incroyable. Merci pour la qualité de votre travail le plaisir que vos parapluies nous procurent Meilleures salutations,


I am a proud owner of one of Heurtlault's umbrellas. I was so lucky to meet him at his workshop and all of his umbrellas and parasols are lovingly made by hand with exquisite artmanship.


Today I went to the beautiful Heurtault Parasolerie Paris. Michel Heurtault, a Maitre d'Art, is the creator of these glorious works of art-- parasols and umbrellas in exotic silks, taffetas, cottons and linens. Every stripe matched perfectly. Every detail stitch hand sewn, sturdy metal or wood ribs, antique handles, ruffles or plaid or polka dots. I must ring the bell to go in, and Michel doesn't speak much English, so we make our way with his flourish and my awe. His colleague Christine came out to translate the finer words and phrases, sharing the tiniest details of his artistry, his Master of Arts status, how his pieces are featured in films and theaters. Each umbrella or parasol is made in the workshop next door, either by Michel himself or two other artists. I don't know why I said I was a poet? Maybe because he described one of the umbrellas as poetic and then I told Christine that's what I did. They loved me more... and he began to let me hold them, open and close them. In some ways, this was like choosing a painting or sculpture, a piece of useful art. I finally decided on a yellow Liberty print with flowers, gold metal ribs and a wood turned handle, a ruffle and a bit of recycled horn at the tip. He showed me how the umbrella is supposed to be beautiful both open and closed.


What a lovely shop in an interesting mercantile/craft area. The gentleman who makes the umbrellas was there and so passionate about his work. A very intelligent and helpful woman also showed us around and were extremely patient as we looked for gifts for our daughters-in-law (and for me!). The umbrellas are out of this world finely crafted and beautiful. You will enjoy looking at all the materials they have in the cases. This was a highlight of our trip to Paris.


I picked up my package yesterday and my umbrella is SO very beautiful. Thank you again for your passionate artistry and for sharing that with me when I was in Paris. I will think of you on every rainy day!


Thank you so much for the beautiful umbrella! The fast shipping is really amazing! My sister didn't expect it would arrive the next day after the full payment is completed. My mom is really impressed with the design, quality, and the personalized engraved craftsmanship. She was really surprised when she saw the waiters presented the gift with the birthday cake. It is because I dropped off the gift at the restaurant the day before. We all carried nothing when we headed to the restaurant together. It probably be one of her best gifts so she doesn't plan to use it in the rainy day. Thank you once again! Without the umbrella, it would be a starry night without a beautiful moon for us.